AIM Global Worldwide Virtual Anniversary Celebration and Launching of a New Product C-Supreme

Alliance in motion global had its first worldwide virtual anniversary today 28th June 2020. This was done because of the Covid-19 that is ravaging the entire world which of course did not allow for physical meetings or gathering of people. This is a great achievement and with this feat, AIM Global has become the first MLM company in the world to organize its anniversary virtually. It was viewed by close to 1.2Million people from around the world while a lot of prices were also won.

The CEO of AIM Global, Dr. Ed Cabatong also announced the launching of a new product C-SUPREME. 

C-Supreme is a kind of vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C is being recommended to be taken at this period of Covid-19 to boost our immune system. We need to take vitamin c from fruits, vegetables, and supplements. More reason the company came out with this new supplement and it is going to be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Why Do We Need Extra Vitamin C?

Humans, unlike most animals, are unable to synthesize vitamin c endogenously. Since vitamin c is water-soluble, our bodies have low retention for it. Which means that we need to get it from an exogenous source. The market is flooded with vitamin c products nowadays.

With so many existing vitamin c products in the market, how can we compete? Why compete when you can use the blue ocean strategy? With a blue ocean strategy, you create uncontested market space. Make the competition irrelevant. Create and capture new demand and align the whole system of a firm’s activities in pursuant of differentiation and LOW COST.

C-Supreme is not just your usual Vitamin C. It is your new generation, new normal, and new smart vitamin C! It is an exclusive natural herbal formulation.

C-Supreme is a revolutionary form of vitamin c-lipid metabolites that enhance the delivery, availability, absorption kinetics, distribution, uptake, concentration, and utilization efficacy of essential vitamin c to the cells of the body. It has supreme absorption, supreme retention, and supreme performance.

C-Supreme is made with PUREWAY company based in the USA. The active ingredient is manufactured in the United State.

C-Supreme is backed by research.

Reliable in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Positive and superior results in humans when compared to other forms of vitamin c preparation.

Provides a clinically substantiated dose composition.

It works faster and stays longer at the cellular level.

How Does C-Supreme Increase Absorption And Retention Rate?

Bioflavonoids Composition

C-Supreme citrus Bioflavonoids protects the vitamin c from oxidizers in the body and support the ability to protect against chronic inflammatory diseases, improves immune system function, and help heal wounds.

Proprietary Fatty Acid – Lipid Metabolites Formula

C-Supreme lipid metabolites allow ascorbic acid to enter cells more quickly in a safe and effective manner, acting as ascorbic acid carriers to increase intestinal absorption and tissues distribution of vitamin c and enhance cellular uptake kinetics.

AIM Global C-Supreme product will be available within the next 2 months. It’ll sweep the market for better immunity and for better protection.

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