Alliance In Motion Global Economy Designer 3.0 Plan Launched In Nigeria

Earn More With The Newest And Hottest Economy Designer 3.0 Of AIM Global Nigeria

The New Economy Designer and Disrupters in the MLM industry have arrived! Fast track your success and achieve your dreams sooner through its bigger and better Marketing Plan!

The new innovative campaign of Alliance in Motion Global designed to amplify the strength in production of every country and better enhance the income of every of its distributors.

AIM Global Economy Designer 3.0 is an upgrade of the former Economy Driver 2.0. marketing plan.

The new ED Plan 3.0 Package cost ₦79,999, ₦129,999, ₦259,990, ₦499,990, ₦999,990 and with these packages, you will get a lifetime business with AIM Global Nigeria.

The New AIM Global ED Plan 3.0 also has increased bonuses and compensation for her distributors.

AIM Global distributors can now make more money with the new plan with the same effort.

Get ready for the massive income this year 2022 and beyond, it is time to achieve those long-awaited dreams and lifestyle using the Economy Designer 3.0 Plan.

Below are the new ED Plan 3.0 Package costs:

1) EntriVerse Package ₦79,999

2) NeoVerse Package ₦129,999

3) TechnoVerse Package ₦259,990

4) DigiVerse Package ₦499,990

5) MegaVerse Package ₦999,990

AIM Global ED 3.0 Plan Global Packages

1) EntriVerse Package ₦79,999


2) NeoVerse Package ₦129,999


3) TechnoVerse Package ₦259,990


4) DigiVerse Package ₦499,990


5) MegaVerse Package ₦999,990


This Economy Designer 3.0 Plan is really powerful and at the same time completely free to migrate from the current Economy Driver 2.0 to the new Economy Designer 3.0

If you are not yet a registered member of Alliance In Motion Global kindly utilize this life-changing business opportunity of AIM Global.

I will put you onboard a productive team in this year 2022 and you will work closely with me and other amazing leaders.

Should you need more information about AIM Global Nigeria Economy Designer 3.0 Marketing Plan contact me on +2348100111923. (WhatsApp)

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Demola Adegbola

Elite Global Ambassador & Millionaire Circle Member of AIM Global, Nigeria.
It is not just about the money again. I get huge thrill helping others to succeed, and the structure of network marketing allows me to help my team members become even more successful than me. I'm looking to work with people who are serious about changing their lives and others, coachable, and ready to move to a new place in their life. Join my FAST GROWING TEAM. Call/Whatsapp - +234 810 658 2919.



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