Overcoming the First Challenge in AIM Global

Immediately after your AIM Global registration, the first challenge is how to register your first two downlines (or four or six or eight – depending on the number of registrations you did).

While some gallantly cross this bridge without a single drop of sweat, some are stuck or simply drowned right here.

Meanwhile, getting people registered shouldn’t be your first task but acquiring the necessary training so that getting your downlines registered won’t be a tough challenge for you to do.

There are five fingers of networking, which you must understand and master if you are ever going to cross this bridge gallantly. Your mastery in these turns you into a guru in network marketing.

This is exactly what makes some appear and operate as professional networkers while the rest keep struggling and sweating. Knowing about them is not as important as applying them strictly.

1. Prospecting

2. Inviting

3. Presenting

4. Closing

5. Follow-up


This is a process of finding interested prospects to offer your business opportunity to.

To do this, you only give just a brief hint specifically on the benefits (Health or Wealth) of AIM Global to your prospects without giving the details of the program. Though you are going to be under pressure to give details at this stage, PLS DON’T DO IT.

Several of your prospects might have had some very unpleasant tales or experience about networking in the past, so the moment they realize it’s networking, they log out thinking it’s all the same thing.

So tactically put the details aside and tell them they will soon get to know about the procedure. If he is so impatient then let him take a walk if he wants to. You definitely don’t need that kind of impatient person as your downline.

Never be bullied into acting foolishly…don’t forget you are the boss here, not your prospect!

Your goal at this stage is to arouse his/her interest in such a way that he is eager and hungry for details. Don’t give a delicious meal to a well fed man. He will waste all your efforts!

You can just drop your offer by saying things like – I just came across a great business opportunity that can help you earn a minimum of 10k EVERYDAY without leaving your job and my mind went to you this morning… Would you be interested in considering this as your 2nd income? (This can be offered verbally, or sent through a message)

All you are trying to do is to arouse his interest such that he can ask for details. If he does, then tell him you’ll get back in touch. Don’t be too much in a hurry. Try to create a little suspense. (But if he says no don’t push further, thank him and let him be).

With this you are done with stage one. You can now proceed to stage two the next day or two days later by inviting him for a full presentation.

This can be a nearby office seminar presentation, or you connect him to your upline so he/she can handle the presentation for you. If you are not well tutored, especially when you are just starting off, don’t start handling presentation yet. Let it be done by a competent leader while you are there seated – if possible – to start learning.

These first two stages – Prospecting and Inviting – is your crucial assignment which you must start doing right now, and ensure you keep doing it MASSIVELY EVERYDAY!

With this you are gradually on your way to the top.

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Demola Adegbola

Elite Global Ambassador & Millionaire Circle Member of AIM Global, Nigeria.
It is not just about the money again. I get huge thrill helping others to succeed, and the structure of network marketing allows me to help my team members become even more successful than me. I'm looking to work with people who are serious about changing their lives and others, coachable, and ready to move to a new place in their life. Join my FAST GROWING TEAM. Call/Whatsapp - +234 810 658 2919.



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