AIM Global – 25 Marketing Skills You Need To Acquire

You need to acquire 25 marketing skills if you want to succeed with Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global). But if you’re too busy to attend a face-to-face seminar, then get your free marketing training online today with these 25 network marketing skills!

Step 1: Talk to People…Commercially

1. The four secret languages of prospects – Various network marketing experts classify people into four personality types. Depending on the personality of your prospect, you will adjust your language accordingly. This helps the listener click with you.

2. How to do a “One Minute Presentation” – People run away from time-sucking presentations. That’s why so many people will want to listen to you if you offer to explain everything in just one minute. Hence, you need to master the science and the art of the One Minute Presentation.

3. Ice Breakers – How do you start a conversation? You need what’s called as “ice breakers” so that you will have an easier time setting appointments with people.

4. Super Closing – You need to understand how people make decisions. What do you say to help you transform your entertaining conversation into a profitable one.

5. Needs vs Wants – Remember, you are helping prospects achieve their objectives. That’s why you need to be able to differentiate between a need and a want.

6. Word Pictures – People will forget over half of what was presented to them as early as 30 minutes after the presentation ends. That’s why you need to cement the info in their minds by transforming the words into pictures that they will see even when their eyes are closed.

7. Understanding the subconscious minds’ program – Often, a purchase is made because of non-logical reasons. You have to get to the bottom of things–to the subconscious level–so that you can better understand what your prospect really wants from you.

8. How to talk directly to the subconscious mind – Once you understand the subconscious mind and how it works, you need to communicate with it. There is a way to do this, based on the experiences of numerous psychologists and marketers.

9. Commanding the prospects’ brains to listen – It’s very noisy inside a prospect’s brain. There are many things and thoughts bothering your prospect. Fortunately, there is a command that will make their brain snap to attention and listen to you.

10. Getting prospects to believe the good things you say – People are naturally skeptical. To help them, you need to find a way to get them to believe the good (and TRUE) things that you say. Please use this skill responsibly!

11. Magic Sequence of Words – Knowing what to say is not enough. You also need to know the right order, or the right sequence. It’s like cooking a sumptuous dish. You need to do certain things in the proper order.

12. First sentences – What you first say can help you succeed in marketing, because it will dictate whether or not people will even listen to you.

13. Internal story techniques to bypass negativity – The best person to convince a prospect…is the prospect himself or herself! These “internal story” techniques tap the inner mind of a person. It’s like getting another person to help you become more persuasive. Again, please use RESPONSIBLY!

14. Creating Instant Rapport – People have so little time nowadays. That’s why you need to instantly click with people.

15. Sound bites – Again, time is money. That’s why you need to package insightful ideas into something memorable.

16. Presentations and public speaking mastery – Eventually, you will need to discover how to communicate with large groups of people. While you are learning that skill, you can also use the internet to reach even more people.

17. “Inclusion” vs “Exclusion” Language – You want to use words that bring people closer to you, rather than push them away and shut them out. For example, when people ask a favor from you, say: It would be a pleasure to help you! (inclusion), instead of No problem! (exclusion)

Step 2: Find somebody to talk to.

18. Power Marketing and Headline Skills – Even if you have the best message, if your headline does not attract people, how will even get them to read?

19. How to get local prospects presold – The easiest people to work with are those who already believe in you and in what you have to say. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to convince people who are deadset against you, you’ll make better use of your time with people who share your beliefs.

20. Internet Marketing: Social Networking for presold leads – Please remember that Facebook works if you are social or sociable. Please avoid being spammy.

Step 3: Take the volunteers.

21. Creating Vision – There is a way to find and connect with people who believe in you. As in, TRULY believe. It’s not just all in the head.

22. How to handle problems – Remember, marketing is not just all about business and making money. It’s also about professional and self-development.

23. How to locate leaders – It’s not all about you. Remember, it is better to work in a team. And to grow a team, you need to find leaders.

24. What to teach leaders – And once you’ve found the leaders, you have to teach them so that they may grow and also help find and develop other leaders.

25. Leadership Tests – Not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Once quick leadership test is to ask someone to read a book which you will talk about after a days. Those who just make excuses about why they weren’t able to read the book are not true leaders.

Remember, readers are leaders! And, if you want to earn more, you have to learn more.

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