AIM Global New Distributor Orientation (NDO) Training

Joining AIM Global will not be enough to achieve the time and financial freedom or the success. You need to understand AIM Global and have a deep understanding of why you should do AIM Global. This topic is to discuss the AIM Global NDO or the New Distributors Orientation.

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FEAR meaning is False Evidence Appearing Real and that is normal to everybody. But, in AIM Global, you must learn how to conquer your fear. The fear of REJECTION is the common reason why you afraid to offer the business to your prospects. You are afraid to get rejected and receive NO when you offered the business to a friend. You are afraid that your prospects won’t believe and laugh at you. You should understand that this business is a rejection business. You need to get used to it because when people would say no, that doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it means they are not yet ready for the opportunity so just move on. In order for you to lessen the fear, you need to learn the business very well so you are confident to share the business with your prospects.

You also need to eliminate your doubt of not even 1 percent must stay in your mind. You have to believe that AIM Global can change your life. The company is already proven for already 12 years that you should not doubt whether or not you will become successful. AIM Global has already created 6,000+ people who are now successful and self-made millionaires. And this too can happen to you. Don’t doubt, believe and just do it!

Apply the SW3  Principle

  • Some will join you
  • Some won’t join you
  • So what! Then Next…

There will be people who will not believe you but there will be people who will join you. Just keep sharing the business. Like the birds who has the food already been made before they even existed, the people who will make you a Global Ambassador and a Millionaire Circle club member are already there, you just have to find them. Birds don’t starve to death. They just need to fly and find their food.


Attitude is more important than skills and education. So then, what’s your attitude towards AIM Global business? Are you willing to learn from your upline or sponsor?  In AIM Global, the high educational attainment is not a requirement so many who didn’t have a formal education have made it to success. What’s the secret? Learn the business as soon as possible. To learn the business, you can watch youtube videos or attend the seminars in the office.

The three pieces of training you need:

  • OPP / Demo –  Opportunity Plan Presentation and product demo. Learn this in order for you to have the confidence in sharing the business. The more you know, the higher percentage that you will become successful.
  • (NDO)  New Distributors Orientation –  Like this training, you have to become oriented of what you about to face and how you would handle it. When you know much about the NDO, you will have more motivation in doing the business.
  • (ASAP) Alliance Success Achievement Program – AIM Global also trains distributors the skills needed. Attend this seminar to know more skills.


Believe in the company. Replace your doubt with belief because you will never become successful in AIM Global if you have a doubt of even 1%. AIM Global is not a new company but an established company that you can venture as a career. Have a 100% belief.

Believe in the products. AIM Global products have already created thousands of testimonies worldwide. Be confident in sharing the products to your prospects by first using them and make a personal testimony of its goodness.

Believe in your upline. AIM Global is a helping business. Listen and trust the advice of your upline because your success is also the success of your upline. Your upline wants your success. Always be thankful for your upline because, without them, you may not have known about AIM Global. Most importantly, respect your upline.

Believe in your downline. Help your downline grow both the left and the right group. Believe that your downline will become successful one day. Teach and guide them with the right way.

Believe in yourself. You are already a champion the moment that you were born. Believe that you can make it. Trust and love yourself. “The more you believed in yourself, the more you could trust yourself. The more you trust yourself, the less you compare yourself to others.”― Roy T. Bennett.


There are three levels of commitment.

  • I will try. 
  • I will do my best.
  • I will do the business whatever it takes!

Let’s talk about the 3rd part. Are you willing to do the business whatever it takes? That’s the best commitment that will ever make you become successful. Burn the bridges between you and the failure. Everyone wants to become successful but not everyone wants to take the hard work. Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Do you really want to become successful in AIM Global? Then do whatever it takes!


Do not entertain negative thoughts. We really cannot please everybody so no matter how good the opportunity we are offering, not everyone will believe and not everyone will be happy with what you are doing. You are the one who has seen the opportunity with AIM Global, don’t let anyone drive your life if they don’t pay your bills and send your kids to school. If they don’t give the good life a dream of you to your family, then don’t listen to negative people.

Avoid talking to dream stealers. They will do everything to see you down. Your downfall is what they bare waiting to prove themselves that they are right and you are wrong. You can be friend with them but choose to whom you will hang out with. Birds of the same feather are the same birds. Your circle of friends tells who you are. Choose to listen to the people of the same goal as you are.

You can eliminate discouragement if you have attended the AIM Global NDO many times. Master the New distributor’s Orientation everytime you are being discouraged, attend it or go to your upline.


When you are offering the business to your prospects, let them feel your excitement. They will feel more curiosity of what you are about to share when you are excited. Every day when you wake up, be excited as if something good will happen in your day. Don’t forget to give thanks for all the blessings.


This doesn’t mean to give up your job to make a focus. Many distributors are full-time in AIM Global business but are just fooling time. It is okay to start in the business while having a full-time job. In fact, most distributors started from being employed. When the team started to take off and earning times two of the salary, then you can already resign to make it full-time. What actually needed to have a focus in the business is the full-time attitude.

Also, stick only to AIM Global. Don’t try to join or discover other MLM companies because you really cannot serve two masters at the same time. You cannot become a member of AIM Global and then with the other MLM company. Just focus with AIM Global.


You don’t have to be great to start. You just need to start to be great. Skills can be learned as you do the business. Here are the important skills you have to learn.

  • Make a prospect list – Think of all the people that you know and put them in a list. Also categorized them because some are busy and some have lots of time.
  • Invitation – Use the F.O.R.M. method to know what the person needs before you offer the business. Does the person need the product or interested in additional income?
    F-Family – Don’t rush in to invite. Ask first about the family if how are they.
    O-Occupation – Ask about the job. Sometimes they would say, work is not giving enough so, that’s the timing to offer the business.
    R-Recreation – What makes him busy when no work.
    M-Message – Finally, after your conversation, you can know what the person needs and you can adjust how you would invite the person. When inviting over the phone, make sure not to explain the business. Ask your prospect to see you over a cup of coffee to better talk about it.
  • Presentation – Classify your prospects. You can take your prospects to a business presentation in the office. You can also do One on One Presentation with you or with your upline. You can do house meeting presentation by gathering few people in their place and you make the presentation.
  • ABC Rule – You can find someone who is already successful in AIM Global and talk to your prospect for inspiration. You introduce the successful distributor to your prospect then your prospect will listen to the advice.
  • Follow-up – After you presented the business or after your prospect has heard the presentation, make sure to make a follow-up within 48hours. The key is in the follow-up. Ask your prospect the date you will make a follow-up on them for the registration.
  • Goal Setting – Make sure to make a goal and make it S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound)

I hope you have learned from this AIM Global NDO. Make sure to share to your group or read this again. Invest learning for more earning!


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