Frequently Asked Questions About AIM Global Products

1. Does C24/7  or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer have any known/unknown side effects?Answer: C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer has no known and unknown side effects as to date, but the effects on individual persons varies as its component balances our individual deficiencies and tries to rectify it.2. Why did I feel a little bit woozy on the first two days after taking  these products?

Answer: You felt woozy because your body was still trying to adjust to the mega dose of nutrients of C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer; physicians calls this phenomenon as loading dose, which they claim to be quite natural while taking any type of food supplement.

3. I am taking other supplements and when I tried C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals / COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer, within hours of taking – I stupefiedly felt as if everything around me is moving fast.

Answer: C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer is already a complete source of vitamins and minerals, & what you are experiencing could be the effects of other active ingredients from your other supplements reacting to those of C24/7. Try taking C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer alone and see if you would feel the same effect that you have felt before, if you do feel it again, then it is a rare probability that you may have some allergic reactions to some of C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer components; if not, then the other food supplement is most probably reacting to it.

4. I am already taking a lot of medications, is it safe for me to take C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals  or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer?

Answer: Yes it is safe for you to take it, but please be reminded that C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer is a food supplement and it is not design to replace your medication entirely, but it is formulated so that it can help in the healing process of your ailing body.

5. I am a health buff, does C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals / COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer helps me in keeping my body fit?

Answer: Yes, C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer is also ideal for health buffs like you; since it is packed with amino acids, it can help repair your muscles that were damaged during heavy work outs,  helps in dissolving fats and in the process reduces your weight.

6. I’m not suffering from any ailments, why should I take C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer?

Answer: It is not only the sick who should take C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer, but everybody else since its components help our body to strengthen our immune system and regulates our body systems, which prevents any types of diseases.

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